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Make Your Website Matter

Unmatched Boutique of Services

We offer all kind of Digital & Graphic services your business requires.

Innovation doesn’t happen with just click of a button. That’s why our team employ proven methods that put us in the shoes of your users. At Indus Synergies, qualitative and quantitative research always drives product design.

But while we execute a user-centered process, our Mobile Product Strategy encompasses much more. We dive into your business model, market challenges, and product positioning, helping you create a product that delivers unique value. And we work with our team to ensure we can deliver what we recommend, on-time and on-budget.

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Our Services


In modern day and times, mobile and e-commerce has became the core medium for shoppers. If your business does not have the additional functionality of selling your products online than your business runs the risk of survival in long run. And also you are limiting your customer base.


At Indus Synergies we would add electronic and mobile commerce to your business. Our focus is to create beautiful and user friendly e-commerce website which reflect your business ethics and goals.

Web Design

Your website is mirror to your brand and products. Website must convey the products usability with convenience.

At Indus Synergies we don’t make websites, we craft them. Our website will be user friendly with modern aesthetics and top notch user interface powered by the latest technology .

Digital Marketing

Digital is the new reality and there is a saying now day.

“If you are not on digital space, you don’t exists”

It is very important to have digital presence for your brand and products.

Indus Synergies team is expert in digital space. Our team of experts will keep your brand ahead with customized solutions like SEO, Link Building, Digital Contents, Online Advertising.

Content Creation

Content is the new King in today’s age of fast changing technology. Your content can make or break your brand. So at Indus Synergies we create contents which will create buzz about your brand. Viral content can take your product / brand to customers you never thought of tapping.

Social Media Strategy

Spreading the word of mouth is more relevant in today’s world than it has ever been. But with time it has become more like sharing and the new generation calls this process “SHARING IS CARING”

We at Indus will create content worth sharing and spreading awareness about your brand and products. Our customer oriented social strategies and content will make your that your brand stay ahead of competition and march ahead with viral speed.

Graphics Design

Graphics design is the core of any business and brand. We craft graphics which will portray your brand story and convey the massage you always wanted to convey.

We craft everything like logo’s, brochures, pamphlets, print designs etc.